Finding 'Em, Training 'Em, Keeping 'Em
The Toughest Game in Town

     Over three decades a Training & Development Consultant to the Personnel Services Industry.


        This is specific training to develop PROACTIVE styles, as opposed to REACTIVE. Stir things up. Build INVENTORY! Don't hope. Do!

  Commitment Required!
     1. Be punctual- on time and ready
     2. Be persistent- stay at it!
     3. Be prepared- Study and practice
     4. Be curious. Learn why AND how!



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Learn to LOVE role play!
It is the fastest way to
master any formula or
script provided you!
But, be as gentle with
each other as you would
a prospective client or

Happy Hunting
Remember, this is a game. A serious one, with serious rewards, but it is a game. Play to win!
The winner is not only highest revenue, but with the least falloff. Do it right!