1. Instinct is not transferable. Training helps.
2. Strategic Growth is stronger than Seat of the Pants
3. Hoping for Effort is Ineffective in Producing Results
4. Turnover is Costly, most often Derived from Failure
AND: Failure is derived from not knowing what to do!
GSI Services
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     Contacting people to interest them in opportunity for now or in the future. Candidate search vs resume processor. Proactive.

Today's World?

     Fishing off the job boards, working referrals and hoping things will work out. No controls, little results for sometimes a year or more. Processors who are often specialists in emails and hope.

A better way?
     Yes, but the personnel services arena will never go back to the hundred calls a day routine. Thank God for that! Churn and burn mentality. But it is difficult to remain solvent and grow on ten outbound calls a day, either. A good amount of effort done well will yield far better results. Yes, there is a better way...

A Current Events Update: In the face of what might be a very serious interruption of the personnel services ability to meet candidates, call on clients, or simply remain in office, this site is an alternative solution. Use Skype, Microsoft Team or Zoon for virtual system interviews, get good in communication on the phone, and keep rolling...
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Read Me for Information:


Contacting companies to interest them in candidates for now or in the future. People vs. service selling. Proactive.

Today's World
Selling our wonderful service which is so much like our competitors that the manager cannot see the difference. Emails and hope. Not much in results for often a year. Processors.

A better way?
The sales world for the personnel services arena has to go back to showing a valuable product, even if it is the wrong one. The concept of professional capability restored. We prove we have access to top talent, and we gain respect and a willingness to work together. Yes, a better way...

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This site, peacsys.com, is under the GSI Services umbrella, separate from the PEAC System, Inc. The latter specializes in assessment and consulting, while peacsys.com is devoted entirely to training and development as a standalone product for the personnel services arena.

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