This is an awkward time for our industry. The last big one that closed me was in 1982+ when my target banks, nationwide, were falling down and dying. I have helped hundreds of clients to survive the past four recessions. What they have learned is in this program. In this case, there are some serious things to consider. It is important to read them over! These are your Lucky Seven:

1. My Company was built on inventory. You build inventory, anytime, for now or in the future. Applies to Candidates and Clients!
2. My Company was 100% phone (communication skills high.) It is not only what you say, but how and when you say it.
3. The difference now, is you might choose to go remote. And the above points still apply, now more than ever.
4. This program is an excellent way to keep your company going, lessen the work at home stresses, keep them up to the skill level you need, and still build inventory and revenues.
5. The same things apply to in house training and the company offices...
6. The contents of this program apply across the board, temp, contract or direct hire, either side of the process of revenue generation!
7. Most important, you MUST stay in touch to reinforce the concepts! Conduct role play exercises, or find someone who will do it for you!