[1] During the latter months of the big stage days of Zig Ziglar's Positive Living Seminars, I was a speaker, motivator and storyteller, while I worked the trenches of our industry. I soon bought and ran my own search and placement firm, and learned quickly the headaches of turnover and loss.


     [2] In the downward turn of the eighties, I took my new Masters and what I knew to the open market. Though an often invited speaker for the NAPC (NAPS), seminars are the least effective way for training! Many seminar leaders in the industry have turned to in house training.

     [3] With an MS in Psychology, and my experience, I developed the PEAC System evaluation tool, fully validated specifically for the personnel services arena. For three decades, it has served as the de facto tool to identify potential. Meanwhile, I designed a more successful setting for training and development.

    [4] The industry struggled through the downward spiral, and the then NAPC (now NAPS) wanted 'free' service. I do not expect anyone to work for free. Besides, I now covered countless hotel conference rooms with from 5 to 20 people. Imagine that first year's jitters: 'Will anybody even show up?'

    [5] They did, and they left promising to change the way they did our business. Many went on to be millionaires. Hope? Not at all! Soon, many companies sought more personal service, wanting in-house consulting, training & development. This at a personal level, between the managers and staff is critical.

    [6] For over three decades, I have helped startups, rebuild or expand many companies in our industry. 100% success? I wish, people are people. Someone must reinforce the material as needed. Still, it was mostly effective. If they do not know what to do, and when... they fail. Reinforcement of quality training is still the most important key.

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